November 18, 2015

High Ex-peh-peh-perghhhh- pectation!

Life is not always about rainbow,butterfly.Life ain't always beautiful.

well, have you ever expect someone that will give you more? when i wrote this, i just notice.. we all are just a human not a robot. ok,

Back to the topic.Before this,  i do expect more  from someone who have a good TITLE but they did dis pointed me. what i want from them is  based on their TITLE, i want to dig more,more and more about them not about her life but more about their title., what for is their title? arghh,, i see people would love to have that title so they can be proud of! but its okay, they helped me realize who i was. i am nobody. i am just "budak baru nak up" and for myself sometimes i guess ade je orang yg high expectation from me but i do gives them a shit pulak. memang tak boleh harap!  taking about high expectation is something that relate to your hope . so dont expect too high and dont hope too much!

then, i get my point, if you want more from someone, you need to build a good rapport from them. life ain't easy as you might think dude! so work harder. dont follow your ego. They all are human. you know,, human will react based on their emotion, so,, do tackle people's emotion with good vibes will bring up to positive event. do "kipas" with good air conditioner. sure! they will love it!

so guys! Hard life can break your heart and can knock you down, ouh please dont make it drag you down! think your own way., be creative in order to solve the silly matter.

Done channeled my stressful day here! bye. xoxo.

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