About Myself

Hey You! Looking for Something?

Finally you are here! thank you! but let me introduce little bit about myself. 

I am Nuratiqah Zainal Abidin 

A girl who dare to dream but still wondering what she going to be (while i am writing this) . A graduated student in Bach. Chemical Engineering Technology with different Diploma in Construction Technology.

The only daughter of my lovely, strongest and the only mom. A girls to my elder brothers.

who loves the lavender and its color as you can see on the my blog header. 
who is always participated in sport wherever i go. 

Who loves to try new things and fill her time with a good way. For Example, she can play trumpet, she can involved in any kind of sport except for Football, rugby and swimming. 

ouh, that is too much about myself.

So what brings me to have this blog?

Like i said, i love to try new things. So i am also love to surfing the internet. Surfing,surfing, surfing, suddenly! i have found the new media social or new media that can share our life to the world. On that time i feel the blog was so awesome! and i try to using it correctly till these day. That was back on 2009. Actually this is my second blog as my first blog has been corrupted. i dont know why.

Perhaps, this blog are about myself and the things that i would like to share that might be your certain Answer or searching. 

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